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The Career Tuneup Programme

The CareerStepping Career Tuneup Programme is for mid-career employees who want to get back their mojo and give their existing career a turbo-boost.

It's also for employers who want to retain their restless employees and bring on their talent.

This programme helps mid-career employees who want to review their existing career in search of new milestones and greater fulfilment, as well as helping employers whose valuable senior talent they want to nurture and keep.

Many people in mid-career never get a chance to sit back and review where their existing career is going and where it really could go. As an employee, when was the last time you reviewed your progress and direction?

Have you identified all the ways you can move higher in your career and gain more fulfilment from it?

As an employer, would you like to give some of your more senior management the opportunity to reflect on their careers and how they can develop further with your company to ensure you don't lose their expertise?

Big career questions for mid-level to senior employees

Even if they're not thinking of changing career, many talented people in mid-career have the following questions about their career trajectory:

What this programme offers

In Career Stepping’s Mid-Career Tuneup, I combine in-depth, impartial and confidential discussions with career-relevant tools and questionnaires to help mid-level and senior managers tune up and fully ignite their later careers.


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