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About Career Change Freedom

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Some facts about me

I’m in my early 50s and live in a beautiful town in Cornwall on the far south-western tip of Britain, which is why I mainly offer an internet-based service! I'm a fully qualified and insured coach and career counsellor,

Initially, I trained as a doctor in London and worked as a GP in New Zealand, going on to spend time working with the Flying Doctor Service in Australia.

Returning to the UK, I retrained as a psychiatrist in London, where I became an expert in helping people using talking therapy (person-centred counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis and psychoanalysis).

I’ve also spent more than 10 years as a senior manager in a variety of global research-based companies, where I enjoyed coaching the people reporting to me, many of my peers and occasionally my boss.

I hold two degrees (a First in clinical research and a Medical degree from Imperial College), have passed the full membership exams of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and have an MBA with the University of Bath. I’m also formally trained in NLP and hypnotherapy techniques (which can be particularly helpful for getting past those stubborn blocks). 

I’ve also managed to survive one midlife crisis, one serious work burnout and four successful career changes.

So why am I doing this?

I started my journey maybe not too far away from where you might be now, getting paid well – but being completely dissatisfied.

All I knew was that I wanted to do anything but what I was doing. But back then, I couldn’t find anyone specialising in the issues of mid-life to help me choose a new direction, so instead of making a series of planned and sensible steps into a new career, I did what most people without guidance do and chose instead to leap blindly, seeking to escape.

I gave up my day job, went off-grid and backpacked around the world for a year or two.  The picture above is of me on that extended trip. Happy? Yes. Making money? No.

Finding direction alone

I wrote several books which explored the midlife transition in various ways because I was going through my own mid-life crisis. Then, predictably, I ran out of money but found I couldn't face going back into the corporate world.

But I didn't know what else to do instead. So I kept running, in ever decreasing circles, but eventually, I found that I couldn't run from myself, nor could this physician heal himself.

I realised I needed a thinking partner, a critical friend to help me see the trees from the woods, to help me find my path.

So, I carefully found a career counsellor and eventually came to understand with his help that there was a direction for me.

My age and my experiences, my skills, training, interests, values and my sense of independence were all pointing in a certain direction.

I’m built to be a natural, enthusiastic, accurate and intuitive career counsellor.

How I can help

I’m attentive. I listen closely and I’ll question you to help you facilitate your own thinking and understanding. I will have insights that will allow me to make intelligent observations and ask some very powerful questions.

I'm your critical friend and your thinking partner in your search for career satisfaction.

I’ve been formally trained by the best and I’m licenced and insured as a career counsellor and coach. It’s a deeply satisfying and creative activity for me. And because I love to see people moving on, I’m highly motivated to make sure you get results.

So that’s who I am and why I do this. I want to ensure others in the same boat don’t make the mistakes I made.

I don’t want you to go through the heartache I did. Instead, I’ll use my passion and commitment to ensure you get into your right role while minimising all the risks of changing career.


Discover how YOU can step into the work you’ve always wanted through my flagship programme Career Change Freedom

Find out more here


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Career Change Freedom? What's that all about?

If you’re willing to do a little work on your own behalf, Career Change Freedom will put you on a well-signposted journey. Career Change Freedom will likely save you an enormous amount of heartache, worry, time and money when changing career, compared to trying to ‘go it alone’.

With it, you’ll get clear about which values and motivations really matter to you and guide you, even if you’ve never been able to consciously verbalise them before. Getting clear about these issues will enable you to understand what your real drives are and help you start making realistic plans rather than flailing around in the dark.

If you’re at a time in life when your confidence is at an all-time low, as many are in mid-life, Career Change Freedom will help you rebuild your sense of self and your self-esteem.

You’ll get support to rebuild your self-confidence, develop self-knowledge and gain the skills required to make really great decisions about what your ideal future looks like and how to create a realistic plan to get there.

It aims to match a crystal clear understanding of yourself with a knowledge of the requirements and prospects in the different lines of work open to you, which will allow you to feel truly confident about your prospects in your chosen new career.

You will leave the programme feeling really positive about the steps you’re planning to take regarding your short-term and long-term career plans. Career Change Freedom will help you value, recognise and take into account your unique experiences and how to harness your career history when making your move.

What’s different about this programme?

The central plank of Career Change Freedom is about stepping into a new career, as opposed to leaping blindly into one, as too many people try to do. That’s why I called my company Career Stepping.

It uses a clear process based on a smart series of steps which allow you to experiment and experience for yourself what works for you and you’ll be encouraged to take on a series of mini ‘step projects’ to help you get clarity and contacts as you build up to making your move.

By the time you get to interview you’ll have all the contacts, inside knowledge, confidence and skills you’ll need to ace it.

Career Change Freedom encourages you to explore, experiment and learn in a safe environment in which there are no mistakes, only learning. Through this, you’ll explore and find out what makes you motivated, what puts you in ‘flow’ and what the key satisfiers are for your career.

As a particularly intuitive career counsellor, with a long history of working with people, I’ll also help you spot any blocks and negative patterns you’re cycling through and find ways with you to get over them. I have a particular ability to spot those blocks and help you get through them.

Career Change Freedom offers you support when you need it and will help you stay motivated through a period of adventure and change. Whether you’re meeting with me One to One, or gaining peer support through our Group Process alongside people going through similar issues, you’ll feel safe.

So what are the values I work to?

My definition of success isn’t about making piles of money, having the power to control others, winning at any cost or achieving fame just for the sake of marketing yourself.

My definition of success is much simpler. It’s about feeling and being free to be your best, authentic self.

You’re unique. No-one else has your mix of interests, values, talents, experiences, brain, body, heart and soul and no-one else in the history of the entire Universe ever will.

That makes your existence and your potential contribution to the world uniquely valuable. No-one else will ever be able to achieve what you can.

But if you just conform and do what everyone else expects you to do, how likely is it that your unique gifts will ever have their chance to make their unique impact on the world?

So let me tell you, my definition of career success is about finding the confidence and freedom to express yourself fully through your work. That’s why the programme is called Career Change Freedom.

It’s about living your best life in balance and by doing that, inspiring others to do the same.

It’s about ensuring you have the rest, time, energy and money to enjoy all that life offers: family, friends and community. Rather than just living to work and having all your energy sucked out of you, by a life and work that doesn’t suit you.

Success is about playing to your strengths, persevering and living life with your unique style and verve. And a successful life is about making your unique contribution, rather than being forced to act and think like a robot, just to get on.

Wouldn't you agree?

I have a proven process, the knowledge, the skills and the expertise you’ll need to help you move on confidently and to find the work that fits you. In me, you’ll also have access to an empathetic, impartial and well-informed expert to bounce your ideas off.

I honestly believe that with the right support we, as men and women, can do anything we put our minds to.

You are so much more powerful than you might realise.

Discover how YOU can step into the work you’ve always wanted through my flagship programme Career Change Freedom

Find out more here


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